YAL @ UW-Milwaukee hits the ground running

We here at UW-Milwaukee hit the ground running at the start of the semester to help boost recruitment numbers. In just two solid weeks of tabling, we more than DOUBLED our member base! The thing that is most exciting is to see so many new members wanting to get engaged into the cause for liberty.


Going off the momentum, we started planning our first social event for the semester, so that our new members can meet one another, “Game Night for Liberty!” — it should be an exciting time.  


Thinking ahead, we started putting in motion a lot of activism and program ideas, some of which include having a predominant, local radio talk show host come as guest speaker, a debate night with the College Democrats on campus, firearm safety training, and some NSA & TSA themed functions (once it starts getting warmer out.)

It should be a banner semester, and we’re excited for the future!



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