YAL Vandy Pushes Senator Corker for a FULL Fed Audit

On November 11, YAL@VU attended a town hall meeting in Nashville where Senator Corker did a presentation on the national debt along with a Q&A session.  Prior to his lecture, a few members from the YAL chapter at Vandy distributed fliers about Corker’s voting record and his previous comments about the Federal Reserve.  Local C4L members also aided in the Q&A session as approximately 2/3 of the questions ended up being related to the Federal Reserve.

The next Tuesday morning, Senator Corker “announced his desire to change the Federal Reserve’s overly broad dual mandate, which is currently to maintain full employment while also keeping inflation low. Corker believes the Federal Reserve should move to a single, more focused mandate that will direct the central bank to focus solely on price stability.”

While this is nowhere close to a full audit of the Federal Reserve, it most certainly reflects the fact that our protests are not going unnoticed.  Read a news report on the event here.

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