YAL Vandy’s Constitution Week 2013!

Free Speech Wall Vanderbilt Constitution Day 2013

This Constitution Day, in celebration of our First Amendment rights to freedom of expression, Young Americans for Liberty at Vanderbilt University (YAL@VU) erected a Free Speech Wall and hosted David Hudson, Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt Law School and First Amendment Scholar at the First Amendment Center.

Free Speech Wall Vandy 2013

Our free speech wall received such a great response, we decided to leave it up for the week! The positivity and lack of hate speech expressed on our wall reflects well on Vanderbilt students. Thanks to everyone who participated.

The evening of September 17th, Mr. Hudson was excellent in his discussion of modern threats to our First Amendment rights.  He focused on four topics:

  1. Free speech in public schools
  2. Free speech for public employees
  3. Freedom of sexual expression, barring child pornography
  4. Excessive enforcement of intellectual property rights

Free Speech with David Hudson at Vanderbilt

Hudson concluded by stressing that protecting freedom of speech is not a partisan issue, and that there have been infringements from all parts of the political spectrum.  He emphasized the need for a robust interpretation of the First Amendment, as free expression leads to a better society.

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