YAL @ Xavier University Drowns in Debt!

Last week Xavier University’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter got students talking about the country’s $18 trillion national debt by putting on a Drowning in Debt Dunk Tank thanks to a generous grant from the Leadership Institute. 


As classes began for the day, student activists were outside asking students what they knew about the country’s national debt. Answers received range from, “It’s a lot” to confused looks or laughter to accurate and enthusiastic “It’s $18.3 trillion!”

At the end of the six hour event, the chapter had talked with over 300 students, were dunked over 50 times, and got more than 70 sign ups! Two days later, the chapter held a meeting where students discussed the national debt and how it effects millennials and college students.

The event drew so much attention that it and our chapter were featured in the university’s newspaper. This fun event was able to not only recruit new members for our chapter, but also solidify the membership that we already had from our first Recruitment Drive and Constitution Day.

With October coming up, the chapter is beginning to enhance the understanding of liberty and the recruiting skills of its current membership in addition to plan for a Civil Liberties graveyard event at the end of the month.

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