YAL @ Xavier University Kicks of Club Day

Last week the small but ambitious Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Xavier University made its mark at the school’s annual Club Day on the Yard. Armed with liberty-loving materials, poster boards, and signage, three members of our chapter gave liberty a voice at our table across from the College Democrats and College Republicans.

 Xavier YAL Club Day

Because it was a hot and sunny day, we brought along a canopy tent to provide students some shade as they learned more about our organization and how we differed from the other clubs on campus. And boy did they learn.

Most of the students that came by were curious about our club when we asked if they liked freedom (which, unsurprisingly, the College Republicans soon copied and adapted to “Do you like America?”). Once we had peaked their curiosity, we engaged in conversation about themselves and asked if they were aware of the US National Debt in order to promote our next activism event, the Drowning in Debt Dunk Tank.

Xavier YAL Action Shot

Students were also able to take the shortest political quiz and find out where they stand on the political spectrum. Unsurprisingly, most of the students we talked to tested into the libertarian category.  All students were encouraged to attend the club’s next meeting held on two days later.

At the end of the three-hour event, the Xavier YAL chapter had accumulated over 100 names, emails, and phone numbers of students who were interested in learning about liberty and YAL! We then compiled that information, sent our emails, and followed up with students.

Our first meeting was a smashing success, as over 20 students showed up to eat pizza, learn about YAL, and hear what activism events we have planned for this year. We got three students to sign on to fill much needed leadership positions.

With our first meeting under our belt and our first activism event rapidly approaching, the Xavier University YAL Chapter has hit the ground running this semester and isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.

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