#YALCon13 Day 3

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This morning kicked off with back to back lectures from perennial favorites — political strategist Mike Rothfeld and the Leadership Institute’s experienced campaign expert, Steve Sutton. Both speakers had attendees taking notes at lightning speed as they learned “The Real Nature of Politics” and how to win the messaging game on any political campaign.

After lunch, the training continued with breakout sessions focusing on different career paths in the liberty movement, and attendees were given a special inside look at the history of youth activism since the 1960s from Don Devine, a veteran of the early days of Young Americans for Freedom.

At 5 p.m. comedian and musician Remy took the stage to give videography tips and perform a few of his pro-liberty hits. If you’re not familiar with Remy, take a look at his great video mocking the NSA:

After dinner, the man who inspired the modern liberty movement took the stage to a wild roar of applause: Ron Paul.


Dr. Paul’s speech spanned a wide range of topics, touching on Austrian economics, philosophy, current events, and much more. Here are a few key quotes from his speech and press conference:

“[Liberty] should bring us together no matter what faction you come from…Conservatives want raw milk and liberals want marijuana, but what you really want is freedom and it should bring us together!” 

“The younger generation has to stand up and say we believe in liberty and we believe in minding our own business and that will change things.”

“Big government can only be held together by lies…and that’s why the truth becomes treasonous.”

“We need honest government.”

“We’ve been using our technological advances to kill more people. It’s time we use them to advance liberty!”

“Liberty and the free market — that’s humanitarianism with a result that has been proven throughout history to be the best way to feed the poor.”

“I’ve often wondered how have we been such failures in promoting this wonderful message of peace, and prosperity, and tolerance … This is something that has to change, and I think [Young Americans for Liberty] is going to be on the forefront of it.”

“Why don’t we just start right now never sending anyone to Washington unless you really believe they’ll obey the Constitution?”

“There’s no way in the world that we as a country can borrow endlessly for free and get people to buy our debt…That will end.”

“Before we had the government involved…I was able to go to college and you won’t believe what the prices were! I could get a semester’s worth of tuition for like $325! …But now, inflation will go up faster than real wages, and that’s why we’re in trouble today.” 

We’ll post the full video of Ron Paul’s speech ASAP (look for it tonight or tomorrow), but in the meantime, check out this short clip of huge ovation for the end of this inspiring keynote address!

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