#YALcon14 Live Blog, Day 2

8:49 PM We’re livestreaming our last panel of the day, featuring Matt Welch, Matt Kibbe, Nick Gillespie, and Katherine Mangu-Ward of Reason and FreedomWorks. Tune in here:

8:17 PM It’s Remy! Here’s his latest video with Reason.tv:

6:08 PM During dinner, we’ll be watching this short documentary about licensing laws—and an awesome state-level victory for liberty:

If you haven’t seen it already, it’s definitely worth half an hour of your time.

6:06 PM More news coverage from Slate:

It takes dedication to a cause for students to give up a part of their summer vacation, dress up in a suit, and go off to Virginia for days of political lectures—and these convention attendees did not lack fervor. 

4:53 PM Gearing up for a big night featuring our friends at Reason Magazine, FreedomWorks, and Fox’s The Independents.

3:35 PM Sponsor tables are always a big hit at YAL conventions. Here’s the spread at FIRE’s table this year:

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2:18 PM Topical breakout sessions! YAL staff and other experienced activists spoke on fundraising, communications, campus elections, and chapter meeting management.


Attendees, of course, are super excited to learn:

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1:33 PM Lunchtime means regional breakout sessions, where YAL leaders from each of our five regions have time to network and plan for the coming semester.

1:25 PM The talented Gage Skidmore is photographing the convention and uploading his photos to Facebook here. Check them out and tag yourself! (They’re a way better view of #YALcon14 than my crappy cell phone shots here.)

12:58 PM About to break for lunch. (It’s Jimmy John’s.)

11:14 AM

11:02 AM

10:49 AM

10:45 AM Boaz: “When talking about libertarianism, one of the terms I like to use is the obvious and simple system of natural liberty…You let people alone. You set up a few rules—don’t hit other people and don’t take their stuff and keep your promises. And after that you let people alone. You trade.”


10:42 AM David Boaz of the Cato Institute is speaking about the philosophy of liberty on the main stage at #YALcon14 right now. You can keep track of the full schedule here.

10:11 AM And we’re off! #YALcon14 is officially underway. All attendees are currently in the main session, but later in the day we’ll have breakout sessions featuring more specialized topics, as well as plenty of time to visit all our awesome exhibitor booths.


9:32 AM The check-in table is PACKED.


9:18 AM Last night’s kickoff event got some great news coverage! Check it out:

Right now, we’re checking in all 325+ attendees, handing out information packets, and generally getting ready to go for a long, busy day of top-notch activism training.

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