#YALcon14 Live Blog, Day 4 —RON PAUL, RON PAUL

6:14 PM After a break for dinner and thank-you notes, we’ll be live with Ron Paul any minute now! Follow on Twitter for live updates or WATCH LIVE HERE:

2:33 PM Bruce Fein is signing books, and we’re getting excited to see Ron Paul in just a few hours! We’ve also been discussing his love of chocolate chip cookies:

2:04 PM

1:55 PM Events Director Lauren Evans is very excited today:

1:52 PM Fein is speaking on Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the surveillance state more generally. On the NSA’s secret spying, he says, “You can’t consent to something you know nothing about.”

12:02 PM After lunch, we’re welcoming constitutional scholar and attorney Bruce Fein!

11:30 AM YAL’s Development Executive, Brandon Cestrone, is offering fantastic advice on grooming new leaders in your YAL chapter and making sure the chapter continues after you graduate. This is SO important.

10:57 AM Frazee announces speaker tours with the likes of Bruce Fein this fall, and also a BIG one-day conference in NYC in October about the drug war and surveillance featuring Glenn Greenwald! SO AWESOME. Greenwald has barely been in the US at all since the Snowden story broke, so this is a very unique opportunity to see him in person. More details to come soon!

10:46 AM YAL Executive Director Jeff Frazee is currently explaining our activism plans for fall—Choose Charity, Halloween-themed activism, Constitution Week, and more: “We’ve budgeted literally a quarter of a million dollars to support you guys in these projects.” Watch live here!


10:08 AM Well, the last day of #YALcon14 is finally here, and like all last days of the National Convention, it’s a little bittersweet. Attendees have rolled in ready for a final day of training, and excited to see Dr. Ron Paul’s closing keynote tonight!

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