YAL@DHS Makes Regional News

YAL@DHS made front page news in the Vacaville Reporter, which serves the greater Bay Area for its upcoming TEA Party on July 3rd, and were subsequently in several other local newspapers including the Woodland Daily Democrat, Contra Costa Times, Dixon Tribune, and Davis Enterprise:

Some Dixon youth are hoping local residents will gather with them to mark the Independence Day weekend by exercising their civil liberties.

The second Independence Day TEA Party is slated to run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. July 3 at Women’s Improvement Club Park in downtown Dixon.

Tenth District Congressional Candidate Gary Clift will be one of the guest speakers, say organizers. Clift recently won the Republican nomination and is endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus, among many others.

Lew Uhler, founder of the National Tax Limitation Committee, will also address participants and answer questions. Uhler is back by popular demand, after an inspiring message about liberty at last year’s event, according to a press release detailing this year’s plans.

“Bring your protest signs that spout your pet peeve with government out-of-control spending, bailouts, burdensome bureaucracy, wasteful welfare, inefficient subsidies or deceptive Federal Reserve,” said Devon Minnema, president of the Young Americans for Liberty of Dixon High School.

“The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party movement is really the ‘liberty’ movement,” Minnema said. “It is more than a random group of ideas that may appear cohesive. It is about the sovereignty of the individual — a philosophy embraced by our founding fathers and the philosophers who inspired them to write the Constitution.”

Minnema launched the first Dixon TEA Party — standing alone at a major intersection of Highway 113 with a large sign proclaiming he was “13 years old and trillions in debt.” The photo gained national attention via the Internet and he became the youngest student chosen to attend the Young Americans for Liberty National Convention in Arlington, Va., last year.

Minnema organized the YAL on his campus this past school year and the Dixon High School club held numerous activities. It hosted a showing of the documentary “Why We Fight,” held a “Constitution Day” event and held a forum titled “Are We Re-building the Wall?” concerning moves by the American government related to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

YAL Dixon High Club member Jacob Rubow said the date for this year’s TEA Party was chosen to be as close to the Fourth of July as possible, “Because many of the same conditions in the country are what existed in the time of the original Boston Tea Party.”

“Protesters back then destroyed the tea rather than concede to the authorities of a legislature in which they were not directly represented,” Minnema added. “Then, it was tea; now it is our way of living. Taxes are being raised because of the government’s inability to use our tax dollars wisely.”

Refreshments will be available during the event, but after hearing the speakers, attendees will be given “TEA Party Dining Discounts” to downtown Dixon restaurants.

More information is available on a Facebook event page or at www.yaliberty.org.

To donate, contact Minnema at (530) 848-3786.

Hat tip to Reporter staff.

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