YAL@DHS Tables with National Debt

The YAL@DHS (Dixon High School) did a tabling event on Wednesday, January 19th that featured the national debt. Members Jake Rubow, James Leery, Zach Creech, along with myself wwent onto campus late after hours to put up the 14 large digits that could only go to the 10 billionth digit place. During the lunch period, we passed out fliers and put up American and Gadsden flags to promote the upcoming meeting later that week. The tabling event will be the first of several as the club is entering Recruitment Week this week with a whole box full of goodies from YAL national. To start your school’s chapter plan, click here.

DHS National Debt

Left to right: Jake Rubow, James Leery, and Zach Creech with the infamous $14 tril

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