YALentines day at Regent University

Our chapter celebrated YALentines day this February 14th! We kicked off out event with a free speech ball. Unfortunately, because of the rain and mud we had to opt for our smaller and more portable free speech balls versus our big 6 ft. one. This was just as effective and fun, as you could more easily throw these at participating students. While we had students writing on the free speech ball or reading the comments put there by others, we handed out liberty themed valentines to the students in the student center, or who were walking through. Those who stopped to talk with us or write on the free speech ball also received cookies that we were handing out. Our YALentines day was a fun and effective twist on Valentine’s Day that got many students interested in who our organization was, and our chapter members just enjoyed the event and each other’s company as well as some delicious cookies. Although this event celebrated the combination of liberty and the commercialized holiday of love, we did not neglect the importance of free speech awareness. We also handed out buttons and materials that promote our Constitutional rights and freedom.

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