Yalentines Day at the University of Alabama

On February 14th, our chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held our Yalentines Day event. It was a great way to get out and interact with our student body. Our members spilt into several groups to hand out Yalentines, humorous liberty focused messages, from 11:00-1:30 which allowed us to reach the greatest number of students.

Once we were out there speaking to real students, we quickly found that even those who are uninvolved in politics loved the candy and funny messages.

In the current hyper polarized atmosphere it was a remarkably event and all involved were quite pleased with the number of students we reached. Additionally the event provided those of our members who don’t have much experience speaking to the public gained some great experience serving as ambassadors for liberty.

Make Liberty Win

Zachary Warren

President, Young Americans for Liberty

University of Alabama

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