YALentines Day

At Capital University we want to spread the love of liberty to every corner of our campus. To better extend that love, our chapter opted to celebrate the first annual YALentines day celebration.  In one of our groups most industrious projects we set out to make a beautifully decorated YALentines display.  With the help of our generous and liberty loving donors, no expense was spared to present the first YALentines Day with all of the bells and whistles necessary to ring in a new major holiday.  

 “The Love of Liberty is the Love of Others” – William Hazlit. 

Happy YALentines Day from Capital University

Early in the morning, our motely band of liberty lovers took up stake in the highly trafficked Harry C. Moores Student Union building.  Taking time to set up our display in a precise manner we managed to snag a total of two tables in the highly sought after real-estate of the main walk way.  

A Love of Liberty

Students flocked to the table throughout the day.  Everyone wanted to put a sticker on their favorite freedom.  Not surprisingly, freedom of speech won big this year.  Additionally, students loved the ability to be able to sign a YALentine card that is being sent to our congressional representative. The table was a hit and everyone walked away with a smile on their face and a pocket constitution in their hand.

Our YALentines table was one of the most popular tabling techniques we have used at Capital and managed to create a real buzz around campus. YALentines Day was an immense success and we urge other chapters to hold similar events.

Our First YALentine

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