YALer Matt Schmitto on Wikileaks and Internet Freedom

Matt Schmitto, President of the  Texas State University San Marcos Chapter of YAL, was quoted in The Prairie about Wikileaks and the coming attacks on internet freedom:

Matthew Schmitto, a member of the group Young Americans for Liberty, said he feels Wikileaks has not violated the Constitution because its founder, Julian Assange, is not an American.

“I don’t think Wikileaks is bound by our Constitution,” he said. “[They] owe no loyalty or anything else to the United States. If anything we should be thanking them for showing us [what] our government is using our tax money towards.”

….Schmitto said he foresees regulations against the Internet taking place. He expects fewer attempts to control freedom of the press.

“I definitely think that the government will continue to gather new regulations on the Internet in the future in an attempt to prevent something of this nature from happening again,” he said.

Schmitto said that U.S. government is already planning restrictions to pass into law.

“I think Wikileaks is going to dramatically affect the freedom of the Internet,” he said. “Senators and Congressmen have already begun writing up new legislation that will provide immense amounts of regulations in effect jeopardizing the freedom of the Internet that we are used to.”

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