YAL@GSU’s Constitution Week Event — Free Speech Wall

YAL@GSU's free-speech wall 
 This year, in honor of Constitution Week, YAL at Georgia Southern University constructed a massive, two-sided free-speech wall in the Rotunda outside of our student union. On top of being the “free-speech zone,” this is also the area with easily the largest between-class traffic on campus, and we thought it the ideal location to attract attention and get people to write on it.

Boy, were we right.

(Almost) empty wall

Before we could even finish completing set-up, people were already writing on the wall [seen above, taken roughly 2-5 minutes after finalizing set-up] and picking up pocket constitutions and flyers from our table. We had everything from profanity, to deep meaningful messages, art, and of course, a wide array of silly postings and complaints about the stresses of college life.

    A huge turn-out.  A huge turn-out #2

    Message written by our University President, Dr. Brooks Keel  Huge turn-out #3

The massive bowl of candy [seen above; top-left] has quickly become a staple at any of YAL @ GSU’s event, attracting a much larger number of students than before we implemented it. Above on the bottom-left is a message from our university president, Dr. Brooks Keel, urging everyone to support our relatively new golf program.

Free Speech Wall - Filled to the brim, and this is just one side.

Both sides of our wall were filled to the brim, and nearing the end we had many complain about not being able to find space.

We at YAL @ GSU think that that’s a fantastic problem to have.

The entire wall: better view of the opposite side.

We were able to hand out every single one of our pocket Constitutions and had around 30 people sign up to receive more information. YAL @ GSU had three new members show up to our next meeting.

The below picture unfortunately looks a little underwhelming due to the fact that about half of our club couldn’t make it because of illness and because many had upcoming mid-term exams to study for. Thanks to those who attended, and especially to our new members!

Post-event meeting with some of the club - a few new members among them - in front of the wall.

This was easily the most attended and successful event we’ve had since I took on the job of event coordinator, and the recent growth of our little club speaks volumes about the advancement of the liberty movement.

Future prospects are looking great, and we are extremely excited about moving forward and spreading the message of liberty at Georgia Southern; Go Eagles!


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