YAL@GSU’s Free Markets 101 Event

Free Markets 101 YAL@GSU

YAL at Georgia Southern started this year off by both participating in a student organization fair and hosting a Jenga-nomics/Crony Chronicles booth in the Rotunda, a large pavilion outside our student union. We chose the Rotunda because it is considered the ‘heart’ of the campus and sees a large amount of traffic. Picking such a busy area provided us with an extremely diverse crowd and gave us the chance to interact with people from a variety of political/economic beliefs and knowledge.

Students playing Jenga-nomics.

The questions we asked were mostly general knowledge questions of different difficulty. The questions ranged from easy — “Who is the President of the US?” or “What is demand?” — to more difficult — “Who is the chairman of the Federal Reserve?” or “Name one component of GDP.”

Students play Jenga-nomics

Interestingly enough, a question many people had quite a bit of difficulty with the question “Who is the Vice President of the US?.” Many could get either Joe Biden’s first or last name correct, but couldn’t figure out what the other was.
In an effort to move the game along, hints were given so more people would have a chance to play.

We invited contestants to join us at our next club meeting where we showed Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis, a movie recommended on the Free Markets 101 event page. The movie was great and sparked a good discussion of economics.

Watching Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

Free Markets 101 was a huge success and we had many people sign up to receive information on liberty and our club.

YAL@GSU had tons of fun and we look forward to more events this semester!!

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