YALoween 2015

On Friday, October 30, the Bethany College YAL Chapter hosted YALoween on our main quad in the middle of campus. We had the event from 11 AM to 1 PM.

YALoween 2015

YALoween was extremely fun despite the not-so-great weather we encountered. It was rather cold and windy, and for a little while, it had even rained. Despite the obstacles, we still had an excellent turn out. We had a large amount of students come around to our setup on the main lawn to take a look at our civil liberties graveyard that we had made and set up in the grass. A lot of students didn’t quite understand some of the things that we had on our “tombstones”, so this event was definitely an excellent educational experience.

We had also used Halloween candy to simulate the tax system in a super simplified way that was impactful, but still rather easy to understand. We had four buckets of different kinds of candy set up along our table. People that came to our table would, walk down the line of the table, and then they would take one piece of candy from each bucket. Once they got to the end of the line, we asked them to give us one piece of candy back. We recieved a lot of mixed feelings about this; some people were perfectly okay with giving us back a piece of candy; however, others were not okay with that in the slightest. Either the people really do not like how the tax system works, or people just really love Halloween candy. No matter what their reason was, some just did not like having to give back their candy.

Our chapter did see a large amount of students at our event, but we were surprised at how many professors came by to see what Young Americans for Liberty was all about. We had one professor think that we were having a bake sale (out in the rain), but we had told him that were not. He then sat and talked to us any way for a few minutes. He asked us what the club’s mission was and what we plan on doing in the future. So a simple mix up, like thinking we were a bake sale, had a professor sit and talk to us and become more informed about what we stood for.

It truly was incredible to have professors walk up to us and tell us how proud they were of us and how we are making Bethany College proud by having this club on campus. That really makes the chapter want to try harder than what we already are to make this club even greater.

The next thing on our chapter’s agenda is to have a joint event towards the end of this month with another club on campus, Black Alliance, and with our Title IX Coordinator. We are all going to participate in the White Ribbon Campaign to create awareness to women’s violence. We feel like this is an extremely important concept, especially being on a college campus. We are excited to hold our first large, joint event, especially since we now have administration involved with our club.

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