YALoween Activism

October has come and gone, bringing with it Halloween!

This year, the Auburn YAL chapter continued its time honored tradition of hosting YALoween, an annual social where members and friends of the chapter gather to celebrate and talk all things liberty! Just as in year’s prior, the event was a rousing success with record attendance. We’d like to extend a thanks to everyone who joined us for the evening! Auburn YAL’s own Troy Beckham was gracious enough to host this event at his home in Auburn. Thanks, Troy!

In addition to holding our YALoween social, Auburn YAL also collaborated with YAL nationals to incorporate a Civil Liberties Graveyard display into our weekly tabling. This display served to inject an element of humor into a rather heavy subject for liberty-lovers: the gradual decline of respect for fundamental rights by government. The display drew curiosity and intrigue from many passersby, and sparked conversations that may have otherwise not taken place. We at Auburn YAL were grateful for the opportunity to talk with our fellow students about liberty, and look forward to doing more events like this in the future!

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