YALoween at Cal State Fullerton!

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This Halloween, the Cal State Fullerton Young Americans for Liberty wanted to do something especially scary and memorable for the students and club members.

We decided to help get students more aware of their eroding civil liberties and overreaching government legislation by providing a seasonal picture that would be sure to be an eye catcher. 

After receiving a grant our president Rachel Suarez went out and purchased the necessary materials. 


During our club meeting we worked to plan and decorate the tombstones.

RIP Private Property: a reference to the increasing use of eminent domain and civil forfeiture 


RIP Free Speech: focusing on the use of free speech zones and restrictive speech codes on public universities.

tombs 2

RIP Habeas Corpus: A reference to the National Defense Authorization Act which has language supporting indefinite detention. 

RIP Health Care: A reference to the Affordable Health Care Act also known as Obamacare which forces citizens to purchase plans or pay significant fines.

RIP Right to Bear Arms: A reference to the move to ban certain types of firearms from free citizens as well as make it increasingly difficult to open or conceal carry in various states.

Group 2

We had many others as well and they certainly were catching students’ attention. We spent time taking photos with interested students and faculty and discussing what they could do to take a stand for their rights and how to be more informed. 

Group 3

All in all, it was a spooky fun event that looked at a serious issue in a unique and creative way. 

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