YALoween at Friends University!

YAL members sad about the infringements of the Bill of Rights

YALoween was celebrated — or rather mourned — at Friends University with gravestones for the Bill of Rights!

Each amendment was properly remembered by creating a gravestone for them and referencing the law or event that infringed upon the respective amendment. We attempted to find laws that were decently new, like Obamacare, but also used older regulations like the Gun Control Act of 1968. We wanted to teach people that the Bill of Rights have been violated many times throughout the history of the United States.

Our chapter felt as though it was disturbing how easy it was to find events and laws that violated the Bill of Rights! We were worried that it would be difficult to find something for all ten amendments, but all of them were pretty simple to find! The only difficult one was the 3rd, which isn’t covered very much, but during World War 2 it was arguably violated.

During this event, we also utilized Generation Opportunity’s Obamacare tabling kit. They sent us a Wheel of Fortune-style wheel that people would spin. Whatever number it landed on, a corresponding question would be asked and if that question is answered correctly, then the person would receive a prize.

The only problem that we came across was the weather. Kansas weather in October is rather volatile. It rained in the beginning and ended up windy for the rest of the day.

Even though we had these problems, it was a good learning experience for not only our chapter, but the students on campus. New chapter member, Quillan Brown, had the opportunity to assist in the tabling as well which was fantastic! He did a wonderful job and has been to every event we have had since.  

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