Yaloween at KU

On October 29, Kutztown University’s quickly growing chapter hosted YALoween in front of our Student Union building. Our members for the previous two weeks worked hard during meetings to build a fantastic civil rights graveyard.


Due to scheduling conflicts, we were only able to run the table for about two hours, but in that time we managed to get two pages of sign-ups!

We drew students to our table with our intrinsic display of dying rights and lots of candy. Our Officers worked in their free time to tape facts about the club, and some of the issues we are concerned with to hundreds of pieces of candy. We also put our meeting time and location on the candy so while promoting liberty, we were also advertising our organization.


Discussing this topic at our meeting brought many new members and fantastic conversation about our inalienable rights. Our chapter is growing daily and we have some very dedicated new members.


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