YALoween at Marshall University

This past week Young Americans for Liberty teamed up with College Republicans at Marshall University for a civil liberties graveyard! Upon planning YAL’s activism project for YALoween, we discovered that the College Republicans shared our views on the issue and decided to help pull off this project. It was an amazing experience and brought together two different groups for the same common purpose. Together, we went to the Halloween store, purchased materials, and made our tombstones. I am happy to report that no scandals broke out and a huge topic of conversation was issues with the party problem in Washington D.C. The store even gave us a discount on the tombstones because they thought it was such a good cause.

Our table setup!

The day of our event was the Wednesday before Halloween, and it turned out to be rainier then we had hoped for. This caused us to have to move our project from an open field in the middle of campus to outside our student center. This also hindered our turnout because our fellow students were not huge fans of the rain. It did not deter everyone, however, and we received about 15 sign-ups from students interested in YAL. We passed out candy, legislation, and discussed dying civil liberties with students and faculty as they passed by. The school news paper stopped by and even interviewed us for paper the following day!

Tabling with College Republicans!

Overall, it was a great experience working with the College Republicans to pull off this project. Our mutual hope is that this will rub off on our fellow students and surrounding legislators. We hope to be able to work with them again in the new future!


graveyard 2

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