YALoween at SEMO

The YAL Chapter at Southeast Missouri State celebrated Halloween this year by drawing attention to the scariest thing we know: big government. 

Our civil liberties graveyard helped us “put to rest” some of the liberties that we hold dearest, such as the right to privacy, the right to keep and bear arms, and of course-raw milk. 

Headstones in our Civil Liberties Graveyard

I set up a table with recruiting materials and candy to draw people in. When people came up to get a piece of chocolate, I started a conversation with them and drew their attention to the grave yard, which gave me a chance to have them sign up. 

Our table

Perhaps my favorite part of the event was the special flyers that were made for the Holiday.

 Scary stories of government

They warned students of government “zombies” and acts of horror committed by them. The clever theme tied in well with the issues our chapter stood against, allowing students to think heavily about government corruption while still celebrating Halloween. 

YALoween was my favorite activism event this semester, and I look forward to seeing what creative things SEMO YAL does next year! 

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