YALoween at the University of Delaware

Last week the University of Delaware took another shot at the graveyard of civil liberties.

Last year we used some of the Leadership Institute’s graves and tried to set up at a night time event hosted by the university. Our chapter does not recommend this, as we shouldn’t be reliant upon the University to showcase ourselves. This year we thought we’d get more traffic to our table if we did it during the day on the green as we have with past events.

We bought Styrofoam sheets at home depot cut them out into six large gravestones and spray painted them grey. The next morning after they had dried we wrote with a black sharpie some of the civil liberties and amendments we felt had been trampled on by our government. The trickiest part was finding away to set out the gravestones. trying to stick stakes into the Styrofoam broke the Styrofoam and taping them to the fence posts were not stable enough and they kept blowing away. Our chapter recommends using clear packaging tape and taping them to your backpacks.

We also brought Halloween candy o give out to people and had prepared elevator speeches for each right people were curious about. We tried to mix up the rights we used so that some of them were obviously being infringed upon and some weren’t so much so as to drive curiosity. Overall we got about 25 new signups and several new members to show up to our meeting. Unfortunately we were having so much fun with this event we forgot to take pictures.    

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