YALoween Featuring #Restorethe4th and More!

On Wednesday, October 25th, Ursinus College was a bonafide liberty fest! We had planned on our usual YALoween festivities but with the added bonus of Restore the Fourth! On Olin Plaza, we handed out webcam stickers and candy to students who could tell us what the Fourth Amendment entailed. Additionally, we had students vote on if the government should be able to violate our privacy on our #Restorethe4th chart. We also had our annual Civil Liberties Graveyard and handed out guides to the tombstones.

Chapter Executive Board members Megan, Tess, and John get excited for YALoween and Restore the Fourth!

Later, YAL sponsored an event with the Business and Economics, Media and Communications, and Politics Departments to bring WPHT Morning Show host Chris Stigall to speak on campus. The event, entitled “Understanding Conservative Media” brought dozens of students and faculty to the Kaleidoscope Theater to hear from Mr. Stigall and open up a discussion on the state of politics and the influence of media today.


Speaker Chris Stigall and YAL Faculty Sponsor/Moderator, Dr. Economopoulos

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