YALoween @ Jackson College

Zombies and Vampires are not the only thing that is scary on campus. Young American’s for Liberty at Jackson College (YAL @ JC) reminded our fellow students that a big government is just as terrifying.

Making tombstones

YAL members teamed up to create their own tombstones based on the rights they felt were important to them and were being taken for granted. From this, our chapter produced tombstones that brought attention to matters from the attacks on lemonade stands to parental rights being taken away by the state.


Due to the cold and windy weather, YAL @ JC clipboarded inside the library and ended off with a total of 23 signups!


Each YAL member used their own tombstones as a prop to attract the attention of the students and as a means to introduce the horror of big government.

Some student did voice their discomfort at seeing students carrying tombstones on campus but overall it was a great learning experience for all of us.

Cards against humanity

Due to an oversight on exam schedules, our Yaloween meeting had a small turnout. As a result our officers learned a valuable lesson when planning activism events.

To end off on a good note, YAL @ JC celebrated our success at Panda Express.


Yaloween was a success at Jackson College and served to teach all of our officers how to run a successful activism event on campus. Every mistake we made helped shape the strength of leadership in our officers and strengthened our sense of teamwork.

Willis Molone

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