YALoween @ LDSBC 2015

We had another opportunity to recruit at the school this halloween. There is such a diverse group of people here at the LDSBC. There are students from all over the world and the age range is astounding. Countries represented everywhere from Russia to Samoa, Poland to Peru. 

Diverse group

There was a lot of interest in our literature. Economics in one lesson was a big hit with the students.

We had over 20 copies handed out.

 Economics in one lesson 

Students had a lot of hard hitting questions. Questions such as how to deal with police and if guns should be on campus. 

Tough Questions

There was a lot of interest in Bastiat. Students were introduced to legal plunder by the candy tax. After having their candy taken away, we taught them about why taxation is theft.

 Apriori Answers

 After a few hours of interaction we ended up with a list of 40 sign ups!  

Sign ups for days

LDSBC is looking forward to our growth and empowering our fellows to win on principle. 

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