On October 30, we set up a display at Lindenwood University for what we at YAL like to call YALoween! The goal of this display was to bring students attention to the fact that Young Americans for Liberty has a presence on campus and is advocating for something that every student should care about – LIBERTY!

Though getting approval for events can sometimes be a struggle, I set out to make sure that YALoween would be a success at Lindenwood and get people’s attention on campus for sure! The night before, a member of my chapter and I spent the entire night preparing the tombstone display! It was a lot of work but the result was fabulous and now Lindenwood’s chapter will have a display to put up every year!

We began with tri-folds that are normally used for school science projects and measured them and cut them into tombstones! Then we spray painted each tombstone one by one on the front and back and set them out to dry for about an hour before we started painting the actual words for the tombstones on! Then we painting all of our phrases onto the tombstones, and stuck wire into them so that they had a way to be secured into the ground.

Making the Tombstones

This was an 8 PM to 2 AM project, but liberty never sleeps! And I felt that this was such an important event on campus to get Young Americans for Liberty’s presence known on campus! I wanted our YALoween table to be seen all day, so I made the event from 10 AM to 5:00 PM so that our display and table would get the most exposure.


It was so great to see the odd looks people were giving me as I was setting up the tombstones, probably wondering what exactly was going on. This was so encouraging that people were already curious! 


As students poured out of Butler Library and the two classroom buildings beside it, they began to notice the YALoween display and of course the sign that said “Take our quiz get free candy” was hard for students to pass up! I taped the definition of liberty to one side of each candy and Young Americans for Liberty Lindenwood’s social media info to the other so that everyone who took a piece would see links to find out more about Lindenwood YAL!


I had so many meaningful discussions last Friday that it made me proud of Lindenwood University. I talked with one veteran about the importance of education, and with another veteran about the TSA and respecting other cultures. I even had a foreign exchange student from South America ask if he could join YAL even though he wasn’t technically American because he was extremely interested in American politics and policy! 

Special thanks to John of Young Americans for Liberty at Mizzou for making the drive from Columbia to St. Charles to help me table for YALoween! I got around 15 to 20 sign ups of people that were interested and this was such an encouraging day for me.

I hope that everyone who signed up and anyone who reads this post gets excited about YAL as I am! 

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