YAL’s 2010 Spring Semester Report

Spring 2010

As those on YAL’s email list (sign up here if you haven’t already!) already know, YAL just released its 2010 Spring Semester Report.  Click here to read the comprehensive report, or select the portion(s) of interest to you:

I. “I Pledge” Video
II. Recruitment Week
III. The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC 2010)
IV. Young American Revolution, Issue 5
V. March:  End the Wars Month
VI. YAL Presents:  Freedom Watch at Ohio State University
VII. Spring Break in Kentucky
VIII. YAL Returns to Kentucky
IX. The Southern Republican Leadership Conference
X. Tax Day 2010
XI. YAL Activism Nationwide
XII. Conclusion

Spring 2010 was YAL’s most active and expansive semester to date; YAL chapters are taking over campuses and mobilizing for fall campaigns. This is our year.

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