YAL’s Alabama State Convention Report


YAL National is back on the road again after taking a break for Easter. Last weekend’s convention was in Auburn, Alabama, with 103 activists in attendance who heard from Lew Rockwell, Julie Borowski, and others at Auburn University, the home of the Mises Institute.

As usual, we started off the convention with words from YAL National about the mission of our organization, and took a break for lunch after a training session from a representative from the Leadership Institute. During this time, activists had the chance to meet our 12 generous sponsors. They ranged from local to national organizations, and provided excellent networking opportunities for the students in attendance. 

If you are a student or recent graduate who is interested in finding work in the liberty movement, the opportunity to network with pro-liberty organizations is another great reason to make time to attend one of our five remaining State ConventionsIt’s not every day you get such a unique opportunity to jump-start your career in politics!

After lunch, we had FreedomWorks’ Julie Borowski speak about starting a political YouTube channel. Best known for her channel Token Libertarian Girl, which boasts more than 26,000 subscribers and 1 million views, Julie was  more than qualified to share her knowledge about her unique brand of activism.

Julie Borowski at the Alabama YAL Convention

One of the highlights of the evening was the Mises-themed panel featuring Mises Fellows Matthew McCaffrey, Joshua Griffin and Jonathan Newman. The three discussed “Promoting Liberty through Sound Economics,” a departure from the earlier YAL Q&A panel, which focused primarily on tabling and campus activism.

They were immediately followed by our evening keynote speaker, Lew Rockwell, the founder and CEO of the Mises Institute, who spoke about “Emulating Ron Paul.” The full text of his speech, which urged attendees to follow Dr. Paul’s example and legacy, can be found here on his website.

We’re halfway through, but there are still plenty of opportunities left to attend a YAL convention in your area. Click here to see our full schedule for the spring. There are still five conventions scheduled for this semester, and we would love to see you there!

Many thanks to our Alabama leadership team for putting this convention together, and to our speakers and sponsors for spending their weekend inspiring our attendees to their best activism yet.

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