YAL’s California and Colorado State Convention Report

California Group Photo Group Photo: YAL California State Convention 

Co group photoGroup photo: YAL Colorado State Convention

Young Americans for Liberty was busy this past weekend! The spring semester is drawing to a close, and we are also wrapping up the last of our state conventions. Last Saturday, we traveled to Colorado and California to run two conventions simultaneously, educating a total of 346 activists.  

California alone broke the record for the largest convention we’ve ever held with 241 people in attendance — we had to change venues to accommodate everyone! Colorado also had a packed house of 105 activists.

Dr. Ron Paul Skyped in as the first speaker to both conventions, where he brought us up to speed on some of his recent projects.

RP Skype

He has been very busy lately, having recently announced a new foreign policy institute: the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, which launched today. Dr. Paul has also launched a new homeschooling curriculum, which places a heavy emphasis on teaching the basic tenants of freedom, along with practical skills like how to start a home business.

Both conventions followed the winning formula we’ve developed over the spring: training sessions from YAL National staff about campus activism, lectures from political trainers with the Leadership Institute, opportunities to network with our sponsors and panels and speeches from  movement leaders.

Rob Kampia, the executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, spoke at our Colorado convention to a very receptive crowd. The Marijuana Policy Project was a huge backer of Amendment 64 in Colorado last year, making the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol a political success.


Similarly, we had Congressman Rohrabacher as a keynote speaker in California. Rep. Rohrabacher is known for his defense of California’s pro-marijuana laws. The day before the convention, he introduced a bill that aims to keep the federal government from prosecuting those who abide by their states’ marijuana laws.

Rep. Rohrabacher

Jack Hunter also joined us in Colorado speak about the rising prominence of libertarian organizations, leaders and activists in GOP. As YAL’s Director of Outreach, Jack frequently communicates this message as a media personality, and also produces his own content under the moniker The Southern Avenger.

Jack Hunter CO Convention

Sadly, we are nearly done with our conventions this spring—but we still have three more left! Click here to see if one of the remaining conventions is in your area. We’ve already trained more than 1,000 activists this spring, so you don’t want to miss out! If you were with us in California or Colorado last weekend, feel free to tag yourself in the photos we just uploaded.

Many thanks to our California and Colorado leadership team for putting these conventions together, and to our speakers and sponsors for spending their weekend inspiring our attendees to their best activism yet.

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