YAL’s First Appearance at Arkansas State University

Young Americans for Liberty at Arkansas State University made our first appearance on campus with a bang! reYALity Check:  The Price Is Wrong for Big Government was the first full event after our interest meeting for the newly formed chapter. After becoming an Official Chapter March 23 of this year, we were encouraged to do at least one event before the end of the year and apply for the activism grant. The interest meeting had a lower than expected turnout (seeing how it is the end of the year) but with a few dedicated students, we pushed on. With the $100 Activism grant we bought: an easel, 3 white dry erase boards, a pack of dry erase marker, foam poster boards, and 60 bars of candy. 

We secured a table in front of our cafeteria and set up for The Price Is Wrong. As the first show was going on, students passing by were wondering what was going on and were interested in participating to win some candy too. Little did they know, it was a learning experience for all of us.

Micheal and Howl! 
In the end, we had around 21 people participate. A couple of ROTC students were my favorite contestants. They successfully answered 5 of the 6 pop culture questions, but when it came down to “how many countries do we have troop stationed in?” they were stumped. One of the contestants answered “most places,” the closest answer all day! This summed up the purpose of The Price is Wrong; we are more aware of pop culture, than politics. This must be changed! 

The event ended with success, we passed out many palm cards and had the opportunity to give the student body a taste of what Young Americans for Liberty is all about. I would say this is a great beginning and a successful first event for Young Americans for Liberty at Arkansas State. 

A few active members in our chapter were so excited about how well The Price Is Wrong event went, that they decided to give the student body one more chance this semester to experience us with Operation Politically Homeless. 

OPH and Bryant1 
In the next few days, we reserved a table, and organized the Operation Politically Homeless Kit. This was an awesome pre-finals event for us. For over two hours around 50 students visited, took the quiz and just talked politics with us. As the students took the quiz and put their corresponding mark on the chart, an active YAL officer explained what it means to be a libertarian and answered questions about how to be involved in the chapter. Around 100 palm cards were given out and we were received well. An English as a Second Language professor even asked if we could do this event in one of his summer classes.

Combined with these two events, we encountered numerous students, many showing interest in joining for next year. These two events were a phenomenal closing to the academic year and we are expecting huge growth in our Young Americans for Liberty chapter in the coming semesters!

OPH and Bryant

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