YAL’s First Presence at CCU: Freedom is Popular

YAL at Coastal Carolina University participated in our first club recruitment day last Wednesday. We spent many hours gathering supplies, delivering fliers, and preparing candy to make a good impression.

First Time Tabling

We kept in mind all of the advice Brandon Cestrone imparted to us in our recruitment training. There were no chairs by the table; the sign was directly behind the table which kept us in front; we engaged passersby; Ring Pops were given away; and we let a ton of people know who we are.

Kara explaining libertarianism to two interested students

Our vice president created a jelly bean guessing contest which drew the attention of the club recruitment day coordinator. He announced YAL’s first presence on campus and the contest over the loudspeaker.

Signing up!

I was skeptical and feared we would be just another bland table and with only a few people interested. I thought this club would struggle to gain members due to its political nature. I was wrong. This campus isn’t politically active but we managed to get the most signatures of any service club participating that day. We had a total of 113 sign-ups and at least 5 people who told us how excited they were to finally see a libertarian club on campus.

This chapter is gaining traction faster than I imagined. We have a lot planned for the future. YAL at CCU is here to stay and we couldn’t have done it without YAL’s support! See more photos after the jump!

The Umbrella Was a Relief

More sign-ups!

Vice President/PR Lead in Front of the YAL sign

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