YAL’s Kansas and Florida State Convention Report

Kansas Group PhotoGroup Photo: YAL Kansas State Convention

FL groupGroup Photo: YAL Florida State Convention

We’re nearly done with our State Conventions this spring! Last Saturday we trained 82 activists in Florida and 104 in Kansas, for a total of 186 activists.

We brought in YAL National staff, political trainers from the Leadership Institute, local panelists and politicians, and movement leaders for a full day of networking and training.

Tom Woods was the keynote for our Kansas state convention, and spoke about fiscal policy, the dangers of crony capitalism, and the future of the liberty movement. “We are the alternative,” Woods said during his speech, “Up until now, there hasn’t been room for us on the spectrum.”

Check out KSU YAL’s YouTube channel for the full video of his speech.

Tom Woods KS


Activists in Florida heard from YAL PAC and Ron Paul endorsed Congressman Ted Yoho, who spoke about his journey from becoming a large animal veterinarian who had no involvement in politics, to representing Florida’s 3rd Congressional District. As a newly elected liberty–oriented Congressman, Ted Yoho represents a growing coalition of politicians backed by young activists who are fed up with the status quo.


Sadly, we are nearly done with our conventions this spring—but we still have one more left! Click here to see if you can make our last convention in Montclair, New Jersey. We’ve already trained more than 1,300 activists this spring, so you don’t want to miss out!

If you were with us in Kansas or Florida last weekend, feel free to tag yourself in the photos we just uploaded.

Many thanks to our Kansas and Florida leadership team for putting these conventions together, and to our speakers and sponsors for spending their weekend inspiring our attendees to their best activism yet.

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