YAL’s New Jersey State Convention Report

Last weekend, YAL hosted our final Spring 2013 State Convention in New Jersey! 127 dedicated activists and students showed up at Montclair State University to learn, train, and network with some of the high-profile names in the liberty movement.


The convention opened with former Congressman Ron Paul Skyping in and addressing the audience. He focused on an issue dear to his heart: foreign policy. He argued that non-interventionism and peace are driving messages which have brought so many people into the movement.

Dr. Paul reminded us that in his entire political career, no student has ever told him that “we ought be involved in more wars.” He criticized the display of martial law in Boston and its deeply troubling acceptance by the American people, and told us this generation must change this attitude. Ultimately, the future of liberty is in our hands and Dr. Paul has the confidence that this moment and its message will prevail.


Our National Field Director, Josh Parrish then gave a presentation on how to better organize campus groups, recruitment effectively, and build a lasting infrastructure.

Keynote speaker, David Boaz, the VP of the Cato Institute, gave a uplifting speech on the history of classical liberalism and its past triumphs including the abolishment of slavery and the draft. Despite the ominous signs of statism today with its out-of-control entitlements system and the ever-growing police state, we have much to be thankful and if activists from the past were able to accomplish so much and turn back the tide, we can too.


Later in the morning, the Leadership Institute’s Adam Guillette gave a presentation on how to engage in stronger activism and why it matters to be involved politically.

In the afternoon, a panel consisting of FreedomWorks’ Austin Petersen and FEE’s Michael Malice discussed foreign policy and constitutional means of dealing with threats.

And finally, our evening keynote speaker Peter Schiff gave an address on the state of the economy and its bleak future. Schiff highlighted everything wrong with government statistics especially in regards to calculating unemployment and inflation; why the actual state of the economy is much, much worse than what the establishment says. Consistent with his reputation as “Dr. Doom,” he predicted hyperinflation in the future and the potential for violent social unrest should we not get our fiscal house in order.


Throughout the day, students and activists intermingled with the representatives from our sponsors, networking and walking off with volumes of literature and swag. If you were with us in New Jersey, feel free to tag yourself in our official Facebook photo album from the convention!

And thus we conclude YAL’s 2013 State Conventions but the fight for the future has only begun! As our speakers repeatedly emphasized, the the ordinary students and youth activists that compose the Liberty movement really are the wave of the future and we CAN and WILL make a positive difference! 


Many thanks to our New Jersey leadership team for putting this convention together, and to our speakers and sponsors for spending their weekend inspiring our attendees to their best activism yet.

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