YAL’s newest chapter addition…

…is Boston College! 

I visited the campus today with a clipboard in hopes to gather some initial support for the group that was in the works.  Let me tell you, this campus LOVES to talk.  I tried as hard as I could to tape some conversations, but no one (I mean NO ONE) would agree to talk on camera.  I enjoyed what they had to say so I did not pursue the camera subject for long.

I trust the government and how it handles my tax money.

This was a statement made by a Junior at BC who insisted that the Federal Government has him in mind while spending tax money.  I reminded him of the bank bailouts and corrpution all over the news.  He did not detract his statement, however he did sign up to learn more about the group and their principles.

You can trust me when I say this campus is in need for a new type of dialogue to open up.  Within 1 hour I had 20 people sign up in hopes to hear a new, fresh viewpoint that many associate with Dr. Paul’s famous message

Best of luck to the newest YAL chapter at Boston College.  They have a lot of drive and are already talking about challenging their campus administration on issues as well as bringing in speakers.

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