YAL’s #YourResponse to SOTU 2014 Goes Viral

After President Obama’s State of the Union (SOTU) address on Tuesday, Republicans, Tea Partiers, and independents offered rebuttals (and even prebuttals) galore. Here at YAL, we thought it might be cool to find out what the grassroots thought about SOTU 2014 — what would their response be?

On a hunch that some awesome replies might be in store for us, we asked YAL’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers to make a sign with a short response to the SOTU, snap a selfie, and submit their photo to our impromptu #YourResponse project.

We were blown away by the results! As of this post, we’ve reached more than 4 million people on Facebook and 1.5 million on Twitter; and we’ve collected nearly 100 photos to post on Facebook. More #YourResponse contributions are coming in by the minute — we can’t even keep up! So below are 50 of our favorites to give you a taste of #YourResponse to SOTU 2014, and you can view the whole collection (well, the few we’ve had time to collect and post) here.

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