YAL@SFA Gets a Free Markets 101 Lecture

The Young Americans for Liberty at Stephen F. Austin State University had the privilege to host SFA’s very own Dr. Stroup as he gave a lecture to several students about capitalism and the many benefits it can have on a society, contrary to many myths. 

The presentation, titled ‘Economics and Human Well-Being,’ covered every aspect of the benefits of capitalism, from prosperity and advancement to human and environmental health. Dr. Stroup debunked many of the myths that are negatively associated with capitalism, and showed how in actuality, the exact opposite happens.

Because the lecture was viewed to positively, we will attempt to have Dr. Stroup try to give another lecture sometime in the coming months.

Coming in the future, YAL@SFA will host Larry Reed, president of the Foundation for Economic Education (March 6th), Josh Blackman, professor of law at South Texas University (Febroary 25th), and will host Liberty in the Pines with Stefan Molyneux, Jessica Hughes, Stephan Kinsella, Shayne Wissler, Dr. Walter Block, John Ramsey, and keynote Jeffrey Tucker.

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