YAL@UAB 2012 Recruitment Drive

This semester is one of the most crucial in recent memory for what is now an over 4 year old Liberty group at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Not only is there some type of major election going on in this country, but we are also facing the impending graduation of several key members in this group.  The time is now to restock our leadership…

Group photo

Our plan has been to table as much as possible during the first month and a half of the semester.  Among our events are Operation Politically Homeless tabling, hauling out our Visualize the Debt sign again, and also participating in UAB organized debates and student group spotlight events.

We even had a brief run-in with the campus police, who told us we had to move our Debt Clock sign to another location if we didn’t show proper permission.  Sadly no video or photos of this moment (we were too dumbfounded I suppose!), but rather than a hindrance to us, it actually got people excited and caused people to want to help us out who had not previously heard of our group! Nothing like being threatened by The Man to build sympathy for a cause!

 Free Speech Wall

Our most popular event on campus is the Free Speech Wall, which we have done twice now this semester, once for Constitution Week and another time just for fun. 

Constitution Day

The Wall 


These tabling events yielded some three dozen new sign-ups to the email list, which has resulted in some of our best attended and most vibrant meetings in recent memory!  Now nearly midway through the semester, and the future is looking bright for the continued success of the Young Americans for Liberty at UAB

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