YAL@UGA Steaming Forward

UGA Activity Fair Tabling

After years of navigating UGA’s Center for Student Organizations (CSO), YAL at UGA is finally moving forward! It’s taken sometime, but we’ve seen enormous progress over the last few weeks.

From the approximately five active members that we had over the summer of 2011, YAL at UGA has expanded to nearly 70 sign-ups (and even a few official members) and continues to grow with each new presence on campus. These members, coupled with our renewed official status under CSO and our new official chapter E-mail (yaliberty.uga@gmail.com), are helping us to compete with the established political groups on campus and really get our position heard.

And, even with the inclement weather for our Constitution Week events, we were still able to entice several passersby out of the rain into joining our group.

Bill of Rights

After just a few meetings with some of the new members, we’ve come up with some great ideas that we hope to enact in the near future: a YAL tailgate, combating UGA’s speech codes, reaching out to local media, acquiring speakers to come to the group (Prof. Pelanda of UGA’s School of Public and International Affairs will be addressing us Monday the 26th), and hopefully a debate with our ever evasive friends in the College Republicans and the Young Democrats.

As always, we send our best wishes to our sister chapters across the nation in the hopes that we all will give it 110% to continue spreading the message of liberty. 

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