YAL@University of Baltimore Update

Young Americans for Liberty is a national organization devoted to spreading the ideas of liberty through supporting such initiatives as personal freedoms, government transparency, and protecting our civil liberties.

An organization like this can find a home at the University of Baltimore where students already hold a passion for these issues with the potential for many more to possess a future passion. It’s for this reason that I have began the hard work of making this idea a reality.

As of now, we have three people ready and prepared to lead the University of Baltimore’s YAL chapter toward success. One of the most exciting things about the leadership of this organization is that the leadership transcends the political spectrum including libertarian, conservative, and progressive-leaning students. Our membership is currently comprised of fourteen students who span from underclassmen, upperclassmen, and graduate students in addition to building strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations on University of Baltimore campus.

In addition to this, we have the expressed support of Dr. Murray Dalziel, Dean of the Merrick School of Business, who has agreed to serve as a faculty adviser for our group until another with more time and energy can be discovered.

All of these are signs of tremendous progress for our fantastic organization and the efforts coming soon.

In the spring, we plan to officially launch, gain campus recognition, and begin holding events on campus for students to become engaged with our organization and our ideas hoping to #MakeLibertyWin at the University of Baltimore.

 For more information or to become involved, please reach out to Leonard Robinson, President, at leonard.robinson@ubalt.edu 

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