YAL@VU: Generation of War Activism Report

Thomas Schwartz, Professor of History, Political Science and European Studies at Vanderbilt, addressed a special meeting of Vanderbilt Young Americans for Liberty on April 9th as part of YAL’s national Generation of War event series. 
Speaking on the history of the military involvement of the United States, Professor Schwartz outlined the increasing role for our armed forces in world affairs since the nation’s founding.  Dr. Schwartz described the changing foreign policy doctrines of the executive branch and their lasting effects, specifically linking US action in the Caribbean during the the late nineteenth century to the much earlier Monroe Doctrine and our current commitments in Western Europe and South Korea to the Cold War doctrine of containment.  After concluding his remarks with a list of potential issues and questions for the future of US foreign policy, Professor Schwartz opened the floor to a lively Q&A and discussion session.

Professor Schwartz’s primary research interests are the foreign relations of the United States, modern European history, and international relations.  He recently received the 2013 Madison Sarratt Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Professor Schwartz has been teaching at Vanderbilt since 1990 and was previously on the faculty at Harvard University. 
Vanderbilt YAL extends the greatest thanks to Professor Schwartz for sharing his time and his expertise with our organization.

Vanderbilt YAL promoted Professor Schwartz’s lecture and participated in the national Generation of War campaign by tabling on the major Vanderbilt thoroughfare of Rand Wall.  YAL members engaged their fellow students in discussions of the impact and costs of the interventionist foreign policy of the United States. 

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