YAL@VU: Sweatshop Economics Close Recruitment Month

YAL@VU hosted a webinar watching party on Sept. 27th, streaming a presentation by Prof. Ben Powell on “No Sweat: How Sweatshops Improve Lives and Economic Growth.”

The presentation explained how sweatshops provide a superior opportunity for the workers who work in them compared to other alternatives available to those workers and the role sweatshops play in the process of economic development that ultimately leads to the disappearance of sweatshops.

The webinar was part of the SFL Webinar Series.

A short version of the lecture can be watched below: 

We also recieved two more mentions on local television this week related to the recent controversy over the implementation of a non-discrimination policy threatening the freedom of association rights of student groups.

A recap of the other activities we’ve held so far this semester include:

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