You Knew It Was Coming: Pentagon Declares War on the Internet

Jason Ditz at reports on a Petagon announcement “that declares the Internet a domain of war.”  This is in addition to their longtime “operational domains” of “land, sea, air, and space.”  Evidently, there is no place on earth outside the DoD’s jurisdiction.  Now they’re going virtual and invading the most peaceful hub of cooperation and commerce in human history.

Deputy Secretary of Deference William Lynn tried to allay fears by stating that making the Internet the newest warzone “no more militarizes cyberspace than having a navy militarizes the ocean.”  Uh, yeah, that’s exactly the problem.  In fact, it’s worse.  I don’t ever use the ocean, but I’m on the internet all the time.  Welcome to Virtual Vietnam, baby!

Priceless quote: “The reaction from Capitol Hill in the immediate wake of the plan’s unveiling was mostly muted.”  Surprise, surprise.

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