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Let’s face it; California long ago surrendered itself to the open arms of big government. Even here in rural Northern California, statist ideology has risen to such levels that every realm of life is mandated and centralized in some form or fashion. But that didn’t stop a couple of ambitious activists, who last April made a daring attempt to establish a Young Americans for Liberty group at one of the state’s many statist collegiate institutions. Better yet…we succeeded. Although we were chartered at the very end of the school year, they made definitive plans to go full steam in the fall and completely establish a presence at our school, Folsom Lake College.

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Fall came soon enough, and we began making our plans to win over the apathetic tendency of the modern student. That is where Young Americans for Liberty came in, as well as the many affiliate organizations that assist in our mission. Over the summer, I attended the 2012 YAL National Convention and received an immeasurable wealth of education concerning the effective ways a club can garner support and stability. I came back home with a newly sparked passion and began to implement the steps to success I’d been taught.


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With the books and materials provided by Students for Liberty (Economic Harmonies, After the Welfare State, Economic Harmonies) and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (Road to Serfdom, Quarterly Review), our group was sure to triumph. Right off the bat, many like-minded students who had been silent for years slowly migrated to our table.  In the short hour that the event lasted, we were sweeping up new members and handing out literature at an alarming rate. At the end of the day, we added to our roster twenty new names, past out dozens of copies of YAR Magazine, and inspired a handful of students who were ready to enlist in the cause of liberty.

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But we weren’t done yet. Folsom Lake has multiple education centers, and the group couldn’t resist heading over to another site and recruiting all over again. It was there that a die-hard Ron Paul supporter found solace in the new group and pledged to do all she could to further the awareness being attempted. She wasn’t the only one. All in all, ten individuals who signed up have vowed to be worthy and reliable members, and have lent a hand in some manner to getting the club up and running.

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The Folsom Lake Young Americans have proven to be so devoted and enthusiastic that the Student Senate has entrusted Constitution Week in our hands. We’re planning for a Free Speech Wall, Constitution Week Table, a speaking slot, and the general undertakings of the event. Thanks to the extreme generosity of Young Americans for Liberty HQ, we’ll have 150 pocket Constitutions to hand out.

The national headquarters, along with their affiliates, play a huge role in facilitating the endeavors of every campus chapter, and we should be continually grateful for their organized efforts. We here at Folsom Lake most certainly thank them for allowing us the opportunity to bring Libertarianism to a place consumed with statist thought. We look forward to a robust partnership that will spread like a California wildfire across our state.

Below is a list of the documents that we have created to attract new members and give them an orientation.

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