Young Americans for Liberty 2014 University of New Orleans Recruitment

On February 4th, Young Americans for Liberty held our first recruitment drive of the semester in the university center at the University of New Orleans.  With a fresh new recruitment kit, our chapter was set to make the event a success.  This was the very first opportunity members got to table in the UC, and we were determined to make it a fun experience.  Lunch at the UC would now be served with a warm greeting from YAL.

table 2



During the event, chapter members offered UNO students an opportunity to take YAL’s short political survey.  

survey 3

survey 4

Several students, admittedly, were politically uninvolved and were anxious to see where they fell on the political spectrum.  Unsurprisingly, some of the more controversial questions on the survey sparked friendly debate among students and chapter members. This, however, did not prevent us from successfully administering numerous surveys.  


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After conducting several surveys, it turns out liberty is pretty popular on campus.  A number of students were interested in learning more about Young Americans for Liberty and the chapter was happy to educate.  Literature, as well as buttons and other items, were made available to all interested students.  


table 3

table 3 1

The recruitment drive was a success!  The spirit of liberty is alive and well on campus and the UNO chapter has dedicated members striving to keep it alive.  Not only did this event give some newer members of the group to get some valuable tabling experience, it also contributed to YAL’s presence on campus.

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