Young Americans for Liberty at Florida International University’s First Semester: An Overview

Hailing from sunny Miami, Florida, Young Americans for Liberty at Florida International University had its first semester this past spring! This post is to showcase everything we got done as a new club.


We had our first tabling event the first week of the semester. Our surplus of materials got us plenty of attention, and the “Shortest Political Quiz” was a true hit! We had over 80 participants and got over 40 emails for our mailing list on our first day. Needless to say, we took the campus by storm.



outreach director           


Following this event, our first club meeting had roughly 10 members show up. We discussed our goals for the semester, offered more free material, and made sure everyone left well informed and with no questions in mind.


first meeting



A personal favorite event we had was the handing out custom programs given to us by our Regional Director, Justin Greiss, for the Commander in Chief’s visit to Florida International University to address the community on immigration reform. The program contained statistics on the increasing dissatisfaction with President Obama, particularly among Hispanic voters. These were a hit, and we overheard plenty of interesting dialogue going on among the attendees.


obama event


Following this, our Pie a Politician event brought laughs, new members, and well needed attention to the club. We held this in one of the most traveled through areas on campus, and made sure to reach out to anyone and everyone coming by.


pie a pol 1


pie a pol 2


We were fortunate enough to have Jacob Hornberger from The Future of Freedom Foundation pay us a visit and conduct an incredibly engaging discussion, even with some of the more left leaning students who attended.


dan and hornberger


A few week after this, we had our “Incarceration Nation” tabling event. People definitely seemed to agree with our message, and kept us in mind. Our president, Vince, built us a nice mock up cell for anyone to take a photo with. Many seemed hesitant to take photos with it and posting them online, but it was still a great attention grabber.


Finally, we rounded off the semester with a shooting range social. Here we taught our members the rules of firearms safety, and basic marksmanship.


range day

It was a great start to YAL @ FIU. We learned so much about not only the liberty movement, but what it takes to educate and help others understand it, and we hope to grow even stronger in the next coming semesters.


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