Young Americans for Liberty at IU Kick-Off the Year with Fall Recruitment Drive

Young Americans for Liberty at Indiana University took on the heat this past week and I’m proud to say we launched a successful recruitment drive! Every year during the second week of classes, IU hosts a massive Student Involvement Fair which is the best time for student organizations to recruit prospective members for their network. YAL at IU stepped up to the plate and despite a few bumps along the road we were able to spread the message of YAL and managed to add quite a few new members to our team!

Recruitment Fair

When we first arrived, I went to the check-in booth to sign in for our group. I was informed by a university employee that, unfortunately, the president of our group never submitted the registration paperwork (despite me just happening to be the chapter president and KNOWING that I submitted the paperwork days prior), and therefore could not be approved for the event. This meant that we were not reserved a space or table, and were not “allowed” to recruit. Obviously our next step was to completely ignore this “rule” and table anyways!

Because it would have been impossible for us to retrieve our group’s personal table in a timely manner (plus the fact that there were only two of us available for recruitment), I was planning on setting up a tablecloth in the grass with our liberty swag amongst the other tables and recruiting that way. Remember: The table doesn’t get recruits- YOU do. While I was hauling our materials over to an open area, we discovered that there were open tables that other organizations never claimed, and we were luckily able to take one.

Recruitment Fair2

We knew we wanted to stand out from other groups at this event so we decided to set up lots of free goodies as well as “Liberty Pong” in order to make our table more interactive. Our hooks were “Do you like liberty?”, and “Do you want a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card?” Students seemed very interested in the fact that we were able to give away so many free things compared to the College Republicans and College Democrats on campus. We were also able to talk to a few professors and university staff members about our group and were pleased with how supportive they were. At the end of the day, we received 75 new member sign-ups!

We followed up the next week with two callout meetings, to accommodate with student schedules and decent turnouts with very interested students. There were also quite a few people who emailed me who were unable to make it to our meetings, but who were interested in joining our team. We’re looking forward to doing more recruitment and rallying support at our Free Speech event this upcoming week!s

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