Young Americans for Liberty at Mississippi State partners hosts Lily Tang Williams

Young Americans for Liberty at Mississippi State University is proud to have partnered with the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in hosting Lily Tang Williams on campus. We were able to use the recruitment materials to clipboard for the event, and we had great reception from students. The event itself was a blast and a huge success! With many students in attendance, we had the chance of sharing our message to a sizable group of people.

Lily recanted growing up under Mao Zedong’s communist China, discovering freedom, moving to the United States, and becoming a libertarian. Her personal testimony was both harrowing and inspirational. It was both an interesting story for visitors and a sobering reminder for liberty-loving activists that we must fight the good fight to spread our ideals! We’re now looking forward to and excited about our next event, and, most of all, we’re looking forward to making liberty win.

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