Young Americans for Liberty at Montclair State University off to a busy start!

Since the start of the Fall 2012 semester, we at Young Americans for Liberty at Montclair State University in New Jersey have been very active in recruiting new members. We have already tabled numerous times, held several events, and added around 60 new emails to our members’ list. This post is meant to document chronologically our activities since a little over three weeks ago. It has been a busy three weeks indeed!

On Tuesday September 4, I purchased four crates each of 24 water bottles and perilously parked on campus in the middle of move-in not far from Anthony’s dorm. Together we carried the water up to the fifth floor, where we taped the Young Americans for Liberty flyers (on which the yellow represents what YAL stands for from each party) as labels around each bottle and stuck on stickers with our meeting information. We walked around campus wearing our YAL shirts. It was freshman welcome day and the day before classes started, so we met many young students. We gave out water bottles in exchange for a sign-up, and took a picture with our school’s mascot, Rocky the Red Hawk.

Ksenia and Anthony during Freshman Welcome 

The next day, Wednesday September 5, was the first day of classes and also the day of the Student Organization Fair. Needless to say, it was very busy indeed, but we had a very large audience of students at our table. Many were interested in our Politically Homeless Quiz and we had a very positive response from several students who had suddenly discovered themselves to be libertarian.

The Politically Homeless Quiz has about thrice this amount of stickers on it now Ksenia and Khalil signing students up

Crowd around our table in the Student Center

We have tabled more throughout the next week while planning for our events and our meetings. 

Joey, Steve, and Anthony at the student activities' fair

Dan and Anthony talking to inquisitive students 

Core members at a planning meeting

Our first meeting on Wednesday, September 12 was a success! We bought pizza, had the core members introduce themselves, and had 25 people attend altogether!

First meeting = full house! 

Core members introduce themselves at first meeting

We tabled twice more before Constitution Week. On Wednesday September 19, we held an informal event called South Park Night during which we showed an episode of the show “South Park” and had a long discussion about it afterwards. We even rented a popcorn machine!

 South Park Night

The next day, on Thursday September 20, we were exceptionally busy. We held our first debt clock in the Student Center Quad, which attracted many students.

Jordan and Anthony making sure the debt clock is stable

The team 

Joey and Dan talk to curious students

The event of that evening was the most important event we have done so far. Steve Lonegan, who is currently director of Americans for Prosperity and used to be mayor of Bogota, NJ, came to speak on our campus. We reserved a large room, posted and handed out fliers, bulk-bought pizza, and in the end had around 70 people in attendance, including students and professors. Afterwards, students joined in informal discussion with Steve Lonegan and with each other. We are proud of organizing such an educational event on Constitution Week, and so early on in the semester! This is definitely a highlight of our work so far. We are particularly proud since we only got chartered in Spring of 2012. We have come a long way indeed, but there is still much more work ahead.

Attendees for Steve Lonegan guest speaker

Steve Lonegan

YAL members and friends with Steve Lonegan

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